YouTube is a huge platform for millions of content creators. The platform lets them upload video that ranges from family-friendly home videos to professional gaming content. YouTube also gives them a platform to connect with viewers and create a community. However, YouTube is not without controversy. Some YouTubers believe that the platform plays favorites with some content creators and that there is even racism on the site. This article will discuss youtube favorites and some tips to help you navigate the platform.

When you add a video to your Favorites, the video will show up in your YouTube activity feed as well as on the home page of any followers who have subscribed to your channel. By default, your Favorites are public — meaning anyone can see the list and the videos within it. If you want to make your Favorites private, you must change the settings on the Video Manager screen. This can be done by clicking the arrow next to your user image and then selecting the Settings icon. You can then choose to make your Favorites private or you can move them to a new playlist that is set to be private.

In addition to adding videos to your Favorites, you can add a video to any of your other playlists on YouTube. These include public, private, or shared playlists that you have created. To add a video to a playlist, click the 3 dots next to the video and select “Add to Playlist”. You can then choose which playlist you want to add the video to. You can also edit the playlist by changing the name and moving the videos around.

You can also use YouTube’s Trending section to find videos that cover popular topics. While this feature isn’t personalized for users, it can give you ideas for videos that might interest your audience. For example, if you have a food blog, you might want to check out what other food bloggers are writing about in their latest blogs. You can then see how they are approaching their topic and use that information in your own videos.

Interacting with a video on YouTube is one of the best ways to increase its visibility. If you like, comment on, share or subscribe to a video, you’re signaling to the YouTube algorithm that it should be recommended to others. This can help a video reach monetization sooner and bring in more revenue.

To maximize the effectiveness of your YouTube videos, consider adding cards or end screens to encourage viewers to take action. These are small, rectangular notifications that appear at the top right of desktop and mobile screens. They can include links to your social media accounts or to your website, a call to action such as subscribe or comment, and information about your video. You can also include an image or text overlay to emphasize a key point. You can learn more about using cards on the YouTube Help Center. youtube favorites

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