Whether you’re an experienced job seeker looking for your next role or an entry-level professional in the early stages of your career, it can be helpful to work with a resume writing professional. These professionals keep up to date on hiring standards in your field and can help you tailor your resume to match. In addition, they may be able to offer advice on crafting other career marketing documents such as cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

In addition to ensuring that your content is free of errors in spelling and grammar, resume writers are often skilled at using formatting and unique phrasing to make your document stand out. For example, they may use font size and style (with a preference for a sans-serif), bolding, italicising, bulleting or line/margin adjusters to draw attention to specific parts of your document.

A good resume writer can also highlight your accomplishments by providing specific examples of your success. They can also help you decide between a skills-based or work-based resume format and highlight the most relevant information for your target industry.

Many professional resume writers offer a number of different services, such as writing a cover letter, LinkedIn profile and thank you letter. This allows them to offer a more comprehensive service and increase the chances that they will land a client.

If you are a professional resume writer, consider offering a discounted service to “critique an existing resume.” This can help you get in front of potential clients who may not be ready to pay for a full revision. It also allows you to establish a relationship with local career placement offices, which can lead to referrals and new business. resume writing professional

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