Invitations are more than just a pretty piece of paper — they communicate a lot about your event. The design and wording can clue guests into your theme, while the tone can help them gauge the formality of the affair. And the way they’re mailed can make all the difference. Rather than simply throwing an invite in the mail, consider having a professional handle the entire process.

There are a few reasons to choose custom over pre-designed cards, including complete customization throughout the design and assembly process, and the expertise and care that comes from working with a trusted vendor. Plus, it’s a great way to ensure that your guests receive the most accurate, up-to-date information possible.

When ordering, it’s important to order a full suite of paper goods — including envelopes and coordinating accessories, like liners or stamps. A professional print shop will also have access to a large inventory of paper types, and can often provide samples of your finished product for you to review in person. This is a good opportunity to test out colors and textures, as well as see the quality of the printing in person.

Die cutting is a finishing technique that can create customized shapes on your printed paper. It can be done on any type of paper and is popular for wedding invitations, but can also be used for birthday, graduation, or baby shower invitations. It can be more expensive than normal printing, and costs are usually based on how many cuts you need and the complexity of the cut. For example, a bevel cut on 100 wedding invitations is typically around $400. Etemply

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