Peptides are a powerful skincare ingredient that boost collagen production to keep skin strong. They can also help ease fine lines and wrinkles by encouraging skin to plump from within, making them appear less prominent over time. They don’t erase fine lines completely, though, and can be best used alongside a retinoid or sunscreen product.

Novel synthetic peptide hormones are readily available on licit e-commerce platforms, specifically Amazon UK and eBay. These suppliers can be classified into three broad categories: larger human enhancement drug-specific sellers; generic supplement sellers who stock a range of peptides, alongside other products they market as wellbeing supplements; and individual resellers. These individuals often evade restrictions by listing the peptides as ‘research’ or ‘not for human consumption’, whilst simultaneously advertising them as wellbeing supplements.

For example, a seller called Hydrapharm sells a product called Unbreakable, which contains the peptide CJC 1295. This is listed as a research peptide, yet it’s sold in the health and beauty section of Amazon UK, alongside claims that it ‘aids muscle gain and increased strength’, and offers faster recovery times post-training.

The FDA does not regulate dietary supplements in the same way that they do prescription drugs, so anyone wishing to purchase a peptide should be sure that it comes from a reputable company and always consult their doctor before beginning treatment. Additionally, the peptides should be taken with food and water to avoid stomach upset. If side effects occur, such as rashes or itching, the consumer should discontinue use immediately.  uk peptides

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