Petrol Fire Fighting Pump

Whether you’re working in an industrial workplace, or simply have an Australian bush property that experiences frequent wildfires, having access to a high quality petrol fire fighting pump is essential. These pumps are portable and deliver high water flow rates and pressures which help to extinguish fires quickly and efficiently. The best fire fighting pumps are available in a range of sizes, rated flows and pressures, with choices of single or twin impeller options and either recoil or electric start engines.

When you’re deciding what pump type is best for your needs, consider the following factors:

Aside from being portable and easily transported to the location of an active fire, petrol fire fighting pumps are also versatile as they can be used on a wide variety of projects that require water at high pressure. Some of these include irrigation systems, transferring water between tanks and even washing down machinery. The petrol powered engine also means that it can be run without the need for a nearby power source which is especially useful in rural locations and construction sites where there may not be a reliable electricity supply.

The PH-ALFA 2 BS 23HP is an ideal example of an affordable and high quality petrol fire fighting pump. It is equipped with a Honda GX200 6.5hp engine and comes with a Genuine Honda Warranty. This makes it a perfect choice for industries that use heavy equipment such as Marine, Mining and Oil & Gas Affiliated. It also has a low weight and compact design, which makes it very easy to transport to the site of an emergency and set up.

With an inlet/suction port size of 1.5 inch and three discharge ports that vary from 1 inch to 2.5 inches, this is a pump that can take on the most challenging jobs. The ability to reach a suction lift of 7m and a delivery head of up to 80m is an excellent feature for fighting fires in the Aussie bush or in a domestic situation.

Generally, vertical turbine fire pumps are designed for high-pressure applications and can operate across their full pump curve without overloading the engine. They are usually installed with a split case that allows for easy maintenance and can be powered by both an electric driver or a diesel driver. Petrol Fire Fighting Pump

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