Overnight Care is a form of domiciliary care that allows senior adults to have a good night’s sleep in their own home. It’s particularly useful for those who have a medical condition such as dementia or a sleeping disorder like insomnia and need reassurance that they are safe throughout the night.

Many people who require Overnight Care will have to get up frequently during the night to use the toilet, or may be at risk of wandering due to their condition. Others will benefit from an overnight caregiver if they need to take their medication at regular intervals during the night. Having a carer available to wake them up and give them their medication can make it much easier for individuals to fall back asleep and to enjoy a deep, restful night’s sleep that can make all the difference for their physical and mental health.

For families, having an overnight caregiver means that their loved one can continue to live in their own home and not have to move into a residential care facility, which is often seen as a ‘last resort’. It also gives them peace of mind that their loved one is being well looked after throughout the night – which can reduce the stress associated with leaving them alone in their own home, and can help alleviate the anxiety that may be caused by disrupted sleep, confusion or a fear of being alone. The precise costs involved vary, depending on the exact type of care you’re looking for, but can typically be around PS17-30+ per hour for a waking night carer. Overnight Care

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