A healing chamber, also known as a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, is a special type of medical device that uses high-pressure oxygen to treat conditions. This treatment helps to heal wounds, and it can be used for several other conditions, such as carbon monoxide poisoning and certain types of infections. It’s important to note that only a licensed healthcare provider can prescribe hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

The healing chamber is a receptacle in which patients sit or lie down and breathe pure oxygen during sessions that last from 45 minutes to more than 300 minutes. It’s also important to note that this type of treatment is not recommended for people with certain health problems, such as claustrophobia or a history of lung disease.

During a healing chamber session, patients wear a hood and a mask that covers their nose and mouth to deliver oxygen. An attendant may assist them with this process and ensure they are comfortable. The patient can usually read or watch TV, and they can move around to change positions during their time in the chamber.

At the start of each session, patients hear a hissing sound and feel warm as the chamber is pressurized (descent). They may also experience pressure or squeezing in their ears or sinuses. Yawning, swallowing a sip of water or chewing gum can help relieve the sensation. Once the air pressure is released at the end of a treatment (ascent), the chamber will feel cool.

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