Known for their timeless designs, intricately detailed patterns and wide range of colors, vintage Turkish rugs are coveted by interior designers for their ability to elevate rustic spaces or palatial drawing rooms with a sophisticated and pulled together look. From exotic oxidized hues to posh pastels and whimsical botanical motifs, Turkish rugs are a go-to for any design style.

The first rugs were designed to serve as functional floor coverings for nomadic tribes in Anatolia, the cradle of modern day Turkey. The earliest examples date back to the thirteenth century, when weavers were beginning to experiment with different weaves and colors. However, it was during the reign of the Ottomans, who seized control over one of the largest contiguous land empires in history, that we see the most radical shift in rug production and design. They inherited the advances made by the Seljuks and Timurids, and incorporated their own artistic influences into the weaving tradition, including the popular central medallion rug format. The Ottomans also introduced more ornate and intricately detailed rugs such as the double niched prayer rugs.

Today, we’re seeing a revival of traditional styles and an increased focus on quality. With the right care, an antique rug can last for decades and become a family heirloom. When shopping for a new one, keep in mind that the dimensions on vintage rugs are often slightly skewed due to the varying sizes of handmade kilims and flat-weaves. Using an online size calculator is a great way to ensure you’re getting the correct dimensions when comparing multiple rugs for sale. Another good tip is to always inspect a rug in person or through augmented reality technology before making a purchase.vintage turkish rugs

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