For many cyclists, cycling becomes a way of life. It influences their fashion choices, travel plans and even their friendships. So, when the holidays roll around and you’re stuck for ideas on what to buy the cyclist in your life, it can feel like a daunting task. But with a little bit of thought and creativity, you can find the perfect gift that will give your bike-loving friend something to smile about.

One of the most common gifts for cyclists is a new kit, which includes a pair of padded shorts and a lightweight cycling jersey. With prices starting at £80-£100 for a full kit, this is a great option that will make their ride a little bit more comfortable.

Cyclists often spend a lot of time on their feet and as such, need a good quality pair of socks. These cycling-themed socks are a great choice, being made from a mix of cotton and wool which will keep their feet cool and comfortable whilst on the bike. Plus, they’re also a cute and fun gift idea, with a selection of different colours and designs available.

A multi-tool is a key piece of cycling gear for most riders, so this cycling-themed version will be well-received by any cyclist in your life. It’s lightweight, water-resistant and fits in their saddlebag to make it easy for them to carry with them on rides in case of any punctures or other roadside emergencies.

It’s a simple, yet effective gift that will definitely get used – and appreciated. As a cyclist myself, I know how easy it is to lose valve caps on long rides, so having a handy little pump at your side makes all the difference. Plus, they’re super-lightweight and come in a range of colours and patterns.

After a long ride, your cyclist will likely want to take some time to recover and relax. This recovery drink from Science in Sport is formulated to help with muscle repair and is easy on the stomach, meaning that it will be a welcomed addition to their post-ride drinks collection.

Cycling is a fast-paced and intense sport, which can lead to some serious blisters. This anti-chafe balm from Castelli is a handy little tool to have on hand, as it will prevent painful blisters and promote healing after a ride.

If your cyclist is a fan of the classics, they’ll love this set of retro-style cycling prints. Designed by an artist in the UK, these prints will be a welcome addition to their walls and show that they’re passionate about their favorite pastime.

For an extra special touch, you can get these unique cycling-themed baubles customized with your recipient’s name. The engraving is included in the price, so there’s no additional charge, which will make it a really thoughtful gift for a loved one who loves to ride.

The best gift for any cyclist is time on their bike, but if you can’t be there with them, this is the next best thing. These cycling-themed mugs are a thoughtful and fun way to let them know that you’re thinking about them while they’re out training, whether that’s for a big race or simply for their daily commute. cycling gifts

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