Tissot is a Swiss made watch brand that is known for their quality, 160+ years of innovation, and an impressive collection of dynamic sports watches, bold dive’s models, elegant dress watches, and much more. While Tissot has kept a lower profile than some of their Swiss counterparts they still have a high level of respect and popularity among the watch enthusiast community. While a watch from Tissot may cost less than some of the other top name brands the price shouldn’t be considered cheap because it is a well made timepiece that will last decades with proper maintenance.

Like all watches the mechanics referred to as the movement will require regular service and replacement of the battery over its lifetime. The best way to ensure that your Tissot watch will last the life it was intended for is to send it to a certified repairman who has experience working with Tissot watches. The Tissot movement is delicate and requires the expertise of a watchmaker who understands how to work with these fine pieces. An inexperienced repairman can cause damage to your watch that could lead to more expensive repairs down the road.

A local watch shop or jeweler can do basic repairs and a new band on your Tissot, but any work done on a Tissot that is still under warranty must be performed at an authorized Tissot store or service center. This is because any unauthorized repair or swap of the battery on a Tissot will void the warranty.

Tissot Watch Service Cost

A full service for a Tissot watch is about $130-$305. This includes a complete dismantling of the watch’s movement, cleaning, oiling, reassembling and testing for water resistance. The hands, crown, pushers/corrector and crystal are also replaced during a full Tissot watch service. The case and metal bracelet are cleaned and shortening of the bracelet is sometimes included in this service as well.

One of the most common problems is a broken watch crystal. The crystal is a clear piece of material that resides over the watch dial and protects it from scratches and other debris. The crystal is usually glued to the case but it can loosen or break from impact. The most common cause of a cracked or damaged watch crystal is dropping the watch on a hard surface such as a countertop.

Another frequent Tissot watch repair is replacing the bands and straps. There are many different styles to choose from ranging from expensive metal links to inexpensive generic leather straps. Most Tissot watch bands are replaceable so you can easily change the look and feel of your watch.

Most Tissot watches are designed to be water resistant for up to 3ATM (30 meters). The rubber gaskets that seal the case back, bezel, crystal and crown/pushers will eventually wear out and need to be replaced to guarantee that your watch remains water resistant. It is important to have this done when changing the battery or after any work on your watch that makes it exposed to air or chemicals. Tissot watch repair

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