YouTube is an authority site which often shows up in Google surpassing the top spots. If properly optimized, a YouTube video can outrank sites like Amazon.

Here are few tips to optimize YouTube videos.

1. Make your video short and sweet. People do not sit and watch a 30 minute video on YouTube. It can be 2 – 3 minutes. Film it in the highest quality format.

2. Do not make your videos private. Encourage readers to leave comments. User interaction is important as it helps in increased views and ratings.

3. As search engines can not read videos, you must properly use the text fields. Make sure that your keywords appear in Title, Description and Tags of the video. The more the text you have, the better the chance of someone finding your videos.

4. Try to use original content. People always want to see unique and fresh content. Also do not forget to include your website URL in the description.

5. According to YouTube guidelines, there are many factors that can influence the rankings like video title, the description, tags, incoming links, comments, subscribers,embeds, age of video, ratings, playlist additions, flagging, shares, channel views, subscribers, views, and the number and quality of sites that host or point to your videos.

6. Submit your videos to Tube Mogul and Traffic Geyser. These software in turn submit your videos to major video sharing directories. They also offer your video statistics and analytics making it easy for you to analyze the results.

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