How Did This System Start & What Benefits Should Students Expect in Future?

Imagine learning in a digital space rather than in a physical infrastructure that limits the student to learn in a closed environment. According to renowned educators,Guest Posting learning in a favorable environment helps the student to attain and absorb information more effectively. Online schools in India have come forward with the ideology of operating the educational institutions in digital infrastructure that helps to unlock numerous merits such as affordability, accessibility, and efficiency for both students and educators.

All of this sounds very fascinating and development-oriented. Unfortunately, developmental strategies and their execution face uncountable barriers or hindrances throughout the process. One of such obstacles in this process is the unavailability of resources that make online education inaccessible in some areas. A student requires a smart device and internet connectivity to connect with the institution. On the other hand, online schools are the primary preferences of the population that is well-equipped with the resources. As mentioned by several anonymous parents,  learning online helps their children to increase their productivity throughout the day. Before moving forward, let us first throw some light on the reasons that helped the educational methodology to upgrade to this level.

  • According to the researchers, the penetration of the world wide web and internet facilities contributed a major part in growing the education system. As per the facts mentioned by Statista, the internet penetration rate in India was around 50% in the year 2020.
  • The government of India has been continuously working on attracting more student populations towards online learning. One of such initiatives is the ‘Bharat Padhe Online’ (India Study Online) campaign by the Ministry of Human Resource & Development.
  • The fact that online learning consumes a lesser monetary investment than offline learning cannot be denied. Students that aspire for big goals and belong to the middle-class category of the population are the primary target audience of online educational institutions.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic was no less than a cherry on the top of the cake for the e-learning industry. Almost every educational institution shifted from offline teaching to online teaching and supported increasing digital literacy in very little time. How to buy Vyvanse online in Australia


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