Navy blue is the most classic of all suit colors, instantly bringing to mind authority and dependability. It’s the uniform of serious movers and shakers, whether they’re politicos or business professionals.

The great thing about this versatile wardrobe staple is that it’s a solid foundation for many different styles and occasions. From job interviews to weddings, navy suits are the ultimate in formal attire. They’re a sophisticated and refined choice, that can be made unique with the right shirt, tie, or pocket square.

Shirts and Ties
While you can’t go wrong with a classic white dress shirt, try mixing things up with some other shades. Light blues are a perfect pairing with navy, radiating calmness and approachability. Pale pinks are another stylish option, adding a hint of femininity and sophistication to your look. Patterned shirts, like gingham and stripes, also pair well with navy, but be sure to choose designs that complement, not clash.

The most formal pairing for a navy suit is black dress shoes, which perfectly match the color of the navy blazer. However, you can also experiment with brown shoes for a more casual appearance. Navy suit

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