The japanese katana sword is a long, straight bladed weapon that was used in Japan from the thirteenth to nineteenth centuries. It is part of the daisho (swords that are over 2 shaku, or 60 centimeters) class of swords and carries a great deal of historical significance. The katana is worn by samurai warriors and was designed for powerful slashing attacks. The katana replaced the earlier tachi sword that was hung on the obi belt with the cutting edge facing down, making it difficult to draw and cut in one motion.

The samurai were a military caste of hereditary soldiers in the service of the shogun. They were trained in the use of the katana, as well as the shorter wakizashi sword for close combat.

Katana were forged using the Tatara-buki method that sought to achieve three highly desirable qualities; not to break, to bend and a razor sharp cutting edge. It also sought to achieve a high level of purity in the steel, by eliminating impurities through a process called tamahagane.

Once tamahagane was achieved, the smith tempered the steel through a process known as Yaki-ire. After yaki-ire, the smith modified the curvature of the blade by striking it with a Kozuchi. This is followed by a rough grinding called tsuriage. A Mekugi hole, which is used to secure the Tsuka (handle grip) is drilled at this point. The samurai would often decorate the tsuka with ‘horimono’, carvings of gods and dragons or other acceptable symbols on the surface of the blade to signify their loyalty or dedication. Mini katana for sale

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