Whether you want to take your sup rental skills to the next level or simply get out on the water more, a stand up paddleboard (SUP) is a great way to do it. The key is finding the right board for your needs. Purchasing your own SUP is an excellent option for anyone who wants to paddle on a regular basis, but renting a board from a local company is also a viable option.

Compared to kayaks, paddle boards are much easier to use for beginners. While learning to balance on a SUP requires coordination and core strength, it is far less complicated than balancing in a kayak. In addition, SUPs offer a lot of maneuverability and space to move around on the water, which can make them more fun for beginner paddlers than a kayak.

Another advantage of SUPs is their ease of portaging. While a kayak is usually quite heavy, most SUPs can be easily lifted by one person. Inflatable SUPs are especially easy to transport, as they can be put into a backpack and carried to the water with minimal effort.

New York may not be the first place that comes to mind when you think of paddle boarding, but it has its share of beautiful lakes and rivers for enthusiasts to explore. Our next stop on our tour of the best sup rental in New York is JK Kayak and SUP in Cold Spring Harbor. This picturesque town is filled with old cottage mansions, docked sailboats, and green trees that line the calm shores of Long Island Sound.

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