Anyone who has curly, wavy or textured hair knows that finding a salon that truly caters to your natural mane can be a difficult task. Whether you want a low-key trim or a complete colour upgrade, it’s important that your haircut is designed to support how you live with your curls.

If you’re in the market for a curl specialist, look for a stylist who specialises in dry cutting and embraces the Curly Girl Method. This will allow you to keep your curls in the best shape while limiting styling time and product use at home.

Located in the heart of Prahran, this salon is run by Tina Mudd, who is one of Melbourne’s most sought-after curl specialists. Known for her ability to cut curls like they were her own (no easy feat) and for creating manageable routines for her clients to maintain their wavy, coily or curly locks at home, this salon is a must-visit.

Swathed in Aveda aromas and led by a stylist with an impressive CV, Rhodes is a go-to spot for luscious, voluminous curls. Clients – or ‘curlfriends’, as the salon calls them – could come in with a head full of Dulux dog and still leave looking like Renaissance paintings.

Neel Morley is a high priest of the kinks, loops and swirls. He’s the sort of curl hairdresser that can have you kneeling down for a blessing before he even picks up his scissors, which is probably why bookings at this Fitzroy salon are hotly contested and often booked out months in advance.curly hair specialist Melbourne

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