Finding the right hairdresser is a difficult enough quest as it is, but when you have curly, wavy or textured locks it becomes doubly so. It’s not uncommon for those with kinks and coils to spend years barber-hopping or salon-sampling before landing on one who treats their strands with the care they deserve.

Luckily for curlies in the Melbourne area, there are several highly-respected hairdressers that have embraced the natural movement of your luscious strands and are truly curl experts. From dry cuts that cut each curl individually to hydratation services and hair colour corrections, these salons have got you covered with all of your curl needs.

A curly hair specialist with a passion for the craft, Tom Pembrook has a salon that has become a staple for curls and waves. Her clients rave about how they leave with a smile on their face and far more educated on their own hair than ever before.

Swathed in Aveda aromas and brimming with the latest in curl-love tech, Rhodes Hair is your ultimate go-to spot for all things curly. From a personalised hair consultation to a dry style cut that cuts each curl individually, the stylists at this salon are all over the Curly Girl Method and sell a variety of cult-favourite products like Everescents and Jessicurl. best curly hair salon melbourne

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