Taking the soccer world by storm, grip socks are becoming an essential piece of equipment in many players’ kits. They offer a range of benefits that are making them an attractive purchase for both amateurs and professionals.

The primary purpose of a soccer grip sock is to keep your feet locked in shoes. They do this by having grippy bottoms to eliminate that slippery feel of traditional socks. In turn, this allows you to accelerate and decelerate quickly, change direction on a dime, spin, cut and swivel without having to worry about your feet sliding around in your boots.

Football grip socks can be worn with either joggers or leggings to create a casual look for training sessions, or they can be used as a substitute for a pair of long football socks when going out and watching your favorite team play. They can also be worn with shorts when heading out to a game, with the option of pairing them with your team’s colors for an authentic look.

There is a reason why some of the top players in the world (CR7, Suarez and Torres to name a few) choose to wear a separate grip sock and sock sleeve with their official team kit. Grip socks offer a combination of compression, comfort and traction that reduces the chances of blisters. They are also breathable and help to increase circulation to your feet, helping you play for longer with less discomfort. soccer grip socks

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