When it comes to breast pumping, most parents are looking for something quick, efficient and discreet. A wearable breast pump offers all of that, with the added benefit of being hands-free. This makes it a great option for moms who are returning to work and need to keep working, or who commute long distances to get to their office and don’t have access to a private space where they can pump.

Unlike traditional pumps, most wearable pumps have all of their parts (flanges, collection cups and motor) built into one unit that can fit inside your bra or clip to your clothing. They’re also smaller and lighter, with the added bonus of being easy to wash. Some even collect data on your pumping sessions, which can help you track your milk production and build a healthy supply.

The only downside to this type of pump is that it doesn’t offer the same strong suction that can be found in some other models, which can be a problem for some new moms who need to build up their supply. Additionally, some of the wearables have a lot of tubing running to connect them to the motor, which can potentially catch on clothing or other items in your bag.

While there are a lot of benefits to this type of pump, it’s important for parents to consider whether a wearable is the right choice for them based on their unique needs and goals. If they plan to return to work and need to pump frequently in a public setting, a wearable is likely a good option, but if their goal is to establish a small stash of milk for emergency use, a wall or portable pump might be more appropriate. wearable breast pump

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