Real estate drone photography is a growing tool for real estate professionals. It can help capture stunning photos and videos of properties that traditional cameras may not be able to.

Back in the early days of drones and real estate, photographers would often offer only aerial shots. But now they’re expected to do ground and interior shots, too.

Capturing Images and Video From Angles That Aren’t Possible From the Ground

One of the best things about real estate drone photography is that it can capture images and video from angles that simply aren’t possible from the ground. This allows real estate agents to showcase properties in their best light and give potential home buyers a more accurate depiction of what they can expect when buying the property.

Aerial photos can also be used to highlight unique features of a property that may not be visible in standard indoor photographs, such as a new roof or other exterior upgrades. In addition, they can provide a view of the entire property from the air and help to illustrate the surrounding neighborhood or area in context, which can be helpful for properties with waterfront views or proximity to parks, schools, etc.

When choosing a real estate drone photographer, make sure to check out their portfolio and ask them for samples of their work. You’ll want to be certain that they have extensive experience operating drones safely and can create high-quality videos that will stand out in the competition.

A beautiful aerial shot can be the difference between a buyer clicking on a listing and moving onto the next one. This is why so many real estate agents are turning to drone photography to give their listings an edge and attract qualified buyers.

It’s Affordable

Real estate drone photography can help you entice prospective home buyers by giving them a more complete view of the property. This will allow them to see things like the distance between the homes and surrounding areas or how much privacy they can expect from their neighbors. It can also provide information about the overall neighborhood and the condition of nearby roadways, which can be important factors for potential buyers.

Aerial images are also an excellent way to showcase the beauty of a home’s surroundings. This can be done by taking a wide-angle shot that shows the beautiful scenery and landscape that the home is surrounded by or by zooming in to show the features of the house itself. Drones are capable of producing high-quality images that can be used in print and online advertising campaigns.

Drones are available from a variety of companies, so it’s essential to find one that is easy to use and has a good quality camera. Ideally, you should choose a model with a camera that has at least 20mp, which will ensure that your photos are sharp and crisp when they’re cropped or enlarged in post-editing.

For example, the Autel Robotics EVO 2 Pro drone comes with an intelligent flight system that uses optical flow and air pressure altitude control to hover steady on a subject without needing to be manually steered by a controller. This will save you time and effort, as well as preventing the need for manual control adjustments when flying over complex or challenging terrain.

It’s Time-Saving

Real estate drone photography saves realtor businesses time by allowing them to capture eye-catching aerial shots of properties in far less time than they would take with a traditional camera. This helps them to get the job done quicker and ensures that they’re able to showcase the properties in their best light, thus entice home buyers.

In addition to capturing beautiful aerial shots, drones can also be used to create engaging video tours of property for potential buyers. This provides a more immersive experience and allows prospective customers to truly get a feel for the location and how it might fit their lifestyles. Including video in real estate listings is also a great way to increase engagement online, as it is much more likely to be clicked on and shared than a photo alone.

Drones can be used to capture many different types of footage, including approach shots, orbiting, and pull away shots. These can be edited in a variety of ways, including speeding up and slowing down the footage, adding fading, or using other visual effects.

One of the most important things to remember when shooting real estate drone videos is to pay attention to the composition of each shot. It’s helpful to know the rule of thirds, which states that images should be composed by dividing them into nine equal parts using evenly spaced horizontal and vertical lines.

It’s Unique

real estate drone photography is a unique way to market properties. Whether it’s an apartment complex with a waterfront view or a luxury home with acres of land, this new technology allows realtors to capture images and videos that would be impossible with traditional cameras. This provides a competitive edge that can help real estate agents and their clients stand out from the competition.

Drones are also useful for capturing photos and video of unique features of property, such as a pool, lake, or mountain view. The footage can then be used in brochures and virtual tours. In addition, adding a professional voice-over to the drone video can help guide potential buyers through the property, giving them a more detailed idea of what they will be purchasing.

While many photographers understand the well-worn adage that location is one of the most important factors in real estate, few have the means to highlight it as effectively as a drone can. This new technology is allowing real estate agents to exhibit property in ways that their budgets and equipment couldn’t allow a few years ago, and that’s making a difference for their clients. Whether they’re a lone real estate agent or part of a large real estate agency, these agents can use drones to set themselves apart from the competition and sell their listings more quickly.

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