Spray foam insulation near me is a popular search phrase for homeowners, but there’s more to finding the right spray insulation contractor than simply typing that phrase into an online search engine. Homeowners need to find a company with the right accreditations, services, and products for their specific needs.

The right spray insulation contractor will be able to help them reduce their energy bills by creating an airtight seal in their home or building. While all types of insulation will increase a home’s R value, spray foam is the only type that seals air leaks which can account for up to 40 percent of a homeowner’s energy costs.

Rolls of fiberglass or rigid boards simply can’t fit into every space and crevice, but spray foam is a flexible material that expands to fill the space. It also creates a dense coating that helps to reinforce the walls and other structures in a home or building.

A good spray insulation contractor will be able to provide a free estimate for the work that they’ll do. This will allow homeowners to compare quotes before making a decision. It’s also important to find out if the spray insulation company is licensed and insured in the state that they operate in.

Homeowners looking for an eco-friendly spray insulation solution should look for a contractor that uses green materials. For example, USA Insulation uses a water-based propellant instead of CFCs or HFCs, which is more environmentally friendly.

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