Isn’t it amazing that every time any nation wants to have negotiations on peace, someone fires off a missile. Any time there are trade negotiations or there is tough talk in international diplomacy, someone fires off a missile. The funny thing now is that every country has missiles of all different types. In prior periods and pre-World War II the United States used a few tactics like Battleship diplomacy. Today when negotiating with Iran, we use aircraft carrier diplomacy, parking two strike groups in the Persian Gulf. And what do they do, Iran that is? They fire off a missile.

You know, it is getting almost dangerous to be a bird these days. You never know when a missile is going to be shooting through the sky at a moment’s notice. Yes, the skies are getting crowded with rockets and missiles firing every which way, and going nowhere fast. In fact, the faster they go the more impact they make on the global media news headlines.

On or about April 26, 2012 there was an article in the Wall Street Journal of a familiar theme; “Pakistan Fires Missile,” by Tom Wright which stated that Pakistan fired an intermediate-range, nuclear-capable ballistic missile following a long range missile test by India earlier in the week. Two weeks before that, North Korea fired off a giant rocket, said to be launching a satellite into orbit, it failed, but why did they do this?

Simple, diplomatic talks on economic issues, human rights, food aid programs, and nuclear weapons technology were on the table to be discussed. The question is who will fire the next missile? Will it be serious, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Iraq, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, Sudan, I mean who is to say? There will be more war games, missile demonstrations, aircraft carrier diplomacy, and everyone puffing up their chests just playing alpha male dominance games, and pecking order for who has the best seat in the house, and who reigns true in a chimpanzee primate politics of humanity.

At some point we need to stop all this nonsense, and stop wasting rocket fuel. Shooting off a rocket is no big deal anymore. In fact, we have high school students that know how to build rockets here the United States. Being able to build and shoot a rocket, when the technology is easily and readily available on YouTube, is just a silly waste of time.

Indeed, it’s starting to get old, and it appears that many of these nations are merely showing their insecurity. They just have to puff up their chest, hoot and holler, and fire off another missile. What a great time to be a rocket scientist? Be sure to tell your kids to study engineering. Fire Fighting water gun

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