Using professional real estate photography is essential for selling homes quickly. However, many real estate photographers charge excessively for their services. Some photographers even charge by the square foot. This is often because the amount of time and effort required to complete a photo shoot can vary significantly depending on the property’s size. This article will discuss ways that you can cut costs and find the right real estate photographer for your needs.

Real Estate Photographer Pro is a video course from Eli Jones that helps you learn how to take great photos and run your own real estate photography business. The video series contains several chapters and is suitable for anyone who wants to start a career in real estate photography. It is also suitable for real estate agents who want to save money by taking photos themselves.

The course starts by explaining the basics of real estate photography and then moves on to cover more advanced topics. It includes information about lighting and composition, as well as tips on how to create high-quality interior and exterior shots. It also covers how to use drones for aerial photography and how to add 3D virtual tours to your real estate packages.

In one of the most valuable chapters, Eli discusses how to structure your prices and packages. He draws on his years of experience running a successful real estate photography business to explain the best way to price your services. He uses the Starbucks effect as an example, demonstrating how the success of that company was not due to producing the best coffee in the world but rather offering a simple product that meets the needs of a market segment.

Another important chapter covers how to shoot at twilight, the best time of day for real estate photography. Eli recommends that you always shoot with a tripod and that you use a flash when shooting at this time of the day. He also explains why it is a good idea to take multiple exposures of each shot, which allows you to capture a range of light levels and then correct the white balance in the post-processing software. Real estate Photography Selwyn

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