Real estate crm features help agents manage client and property information digitally. They also enable them to monitor their sales pipeline and keep track of closings. They also help them create personalized and targeted real estate marketing campaigns. Real estate CRM software also enables them to save time by automating tasks and managing workflows. This enables them to better focus on closing deals and improve their overall performance.

One of the biggest reasons a real estate deal fails is due to poor follow up. This is why real estate crm features such as Follow Up Boss make it possible for agents to never miss a qualified lead again. It helps them track the lead’s activity, send automated follow up emails and text messages, and log call and email conversations. It also lets agents see all communication history in a single place and pick up where they left off.

Other real estate CRMs such as IXACT and RealtyJuggler provide a simple interface for managing leads and clients. They can also automatically send property listings to interested prospects. In addition, IXACT has a feature called Reactive Responses which triggers the CRM to follow up with prospects based on their behavior such as visiting the website multiple times or adding properties to their favorites list.

Another essential real estate crm feature is the ability to categorize and prioritize prospects according to their willingness to work with you. This allows them to spend more time on finding and negotiating deals rather than dealing with unqualified leads. Some real estate crm features such as Shape CRM also allow agents to visualize the deal’s status in a dashboard which enables them to easily drag and drop the deal to a different stage if needed.

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