A pastry is a baked dish that includes a case or shell of a pastry dough, which holds a filling of sweet or savoury ingredients. A pie can be a simple dessert such as fruit or custard, or it could have a more complex, savory preparation like chicken, steak and ale, or Moroccan vegetable.

Pastries are chameleon-like, coming in different shapes and sizes, and containing a wide range of flavors and textures. They can be savoury or sweet, hot or cold, and sophisticated or humble. The main component that classifies a pie or tart is the pastry crust, which can be either shortcrust or puff pastry.

The pastry shell can be a simple, crisp crust that will allow the flavours of a filling to shine, or it can be intricately decorated with braided and artfully crimped edges, woven lattices, shingles, or any number of other designs. Whether the pastry is brushed with an egg wash before baking, or sprinkled with a sugar cinnamon mixture, it’s always important to add just the right amount of moisture so that the crust bakes up golden brown and flaky.

Adding too much water will cause the pastry to become tough, and too little will leave it dry and crumbly. When adding water, it’s best to do so a little at a time and stop when the dough begins to form large clumps. This will ensure that the dough remains light, soft, and easy to work with. معجنات وفطائر

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