Mushroom cultivation supplies are essential for any home mushroom grower. These are the tools you need to properly sterilize your substrate, and monitor environmental factors like temperature and humidity. They can also be useful for transferring mycelium or spore prints without contaminating the substrate. These supplies are available at your local lab supply store and include things like a pressure cooker, alcohol burner, and a scalpel or inoculation loop.

One of the most important supplies for mushroom cultivation is a high-quality working laminar flow hood. This hood cleans the air from contaminants so you can make a pure block of myceliated substrate. A quality working hood will also allow you to work more quickly.

Other critical mushroom growing supplies include a good substrate formula and myceliated grain or straw. Different mushrooms require different types of substrates. Grain spawn is generally better for exotic mushrooms such as lion’s mane and oyster than sawdust spawn.

Once you’ve got your spawn colonized you’ll need to mix it with bulk substrate such as straw, wood chips or compost. This provides the mycelium with all the nutrients it needs to produce high yields of fruiting mushrooms. Grain and sawdust spawns both work well with this step, but it is crucial to find a reputable seller who can provide you with sterile grain spawn that has been autoclaved or atmospheric steam sterilized.

Once your mushrooms are ready to fruit, you’ll need a spray bottle to mist them regularly. This helps maintain the right amount of moisture in the substrate and encourages a successful harvest.

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