MATTER Residences is a new launch condominium located at Mattar Road, near Canossa Convent Primary School and MacPherson Primary School. Neighborhood grocery shops like NTUC fairprice and Sims Vista Market & Food Centre are within walking distance.

The biggest smart home companies are already supporting Matter and preparing for more, which is good news for consumers. The list of alliance members and participants reads like a who’s who in the industry, including big names such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Legrand and Schneider Electric. Matter aims to reduce the number of different smart-home ecosystems we have to deal with by allowing products from many manufacturers to work together without needing their own apps or having to use a specific bridge.

Matter doesn’t talk to the Internet or “the cloud” unless you enable it to do so (as with a smart-home app). It uses local networks such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Thread for communications between devices, and nothing goes over the cloud unless you need it for remote control or to connect to services such as music streaming and voice assistants. Matter also has security and data privacy principles.

Many devices will be able to get upgraded to Matter over the course of this year and beyond, with over-the-air updates. Nanoleaf light bulbs, GE lighting and Yale locks are among the brands that have announced they’ll make their existing products Matter-compatible. In addition, companies such as Eve Systems and Homey are adding Matter support to their existing hubs, and the upcoming Homey Pro ($399, slated for February 2023) will act as a bridge to bring any non-Matter device into Matter (as long as it’s a supported device type). At CES 2024, many more manufacturers made matters clear they’d be upgrading their devices to Matter in the future. matter residences

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