Your local Lehigh Acres junk yard offers you the best value for your old, damaged or wrecked car, truck, van or SUV. Even if your vehicle can no longer be driven, they will still pay you cash for it. They also offer you a tax-deductable receipt. The auto recycling industry is a $25 billion dollar industry-that means that your old junk car has a lot of worth. Whether it’s used as an auto part or as scrap metal, your junk car will be recycled to the fullest extent possible-giving your old car new life and saving you money on disposal fees.

Junk car removal near you
Junk car removal companies in Florida serve Lee County, including Lehigh Acres, and offer top dollar for your old junk or salvaged car. They buy cars that have been in an accident, are high-mileage, or just plain old worn out. They also sell parts for junk cars and offer free towing services. They have a network of towers that cover every corner of Lee County. This makes it easy for you to find a junkyard close to home.

Estate Cleanout near Lehigh Acres
Flat Rate Junk Removal in Southwest Florida serving Lehigh Acres is eco-friendly junk hauling company that provides residential and commercial junk removal, appliance recycling, yard equipment removal, e-waste recycling, office cleanups, and complete estate cleanouts. Their crews are trained to take care of your property with care and respect, and they make recycling a priority. Once their luggers have loaded your stuff into their bright green trucks, they’ll sort it all, focusing on donations and recycling first and then proper disposal for the rest. lehigh acres junk yards

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