Jeeter is one of the most popular brands in the pre-roll industry. They are a popular choice for Californians who want to smoke high quality, potent infused pre-rolls.

They are also popular because of the variety of flavors and strains that they offer. Many of their infused pre-rolls are made using high-quality flower and kief. These products are known for their hefty potency and great taste.

Their 1g Jeeter Joints, Baby Jeeter Mini Pre-Rolls and XL Jeeter Blunts are all available for purchase on Emjay with fast and free shipping! Each hand-packed jar comes with 5 mini pre-rolls, perfect for those who are looking to grab a quick and discreet joint.

The XL Jeeter Blunt is a 2g blunt that’s full of flavor. It comes rolled in a premium hemp blunt wrap with a glass tip for the smoothest smoking experience.

This weed will keep you going long into the night. It’s a powerful strain that’s full of medicinal benefits and strong effects. It’s a great choice for those who suffer from chronic pain, insomnia, and appetite loss.

These infused XL Gelato #33 and infused Baby Jeeter Strawberry Shortcake pre-rolls are some of the most popular infused options from the brand. These strains are infused with a mixture of cannabis oil, terpenes and THC for maximum impact.

In addition to infused and non-infused weed, Jeeter offers a variety of vape cartridges as well. These liquid cartridges are infused with live resin, which sets them apart from other brands. These vape cartridges are designed with a temperature control straw that heats up the liquid live resin as it’s pulled, giving you control over your experience.

Their XL Jeeter Blunts, Baby Jeeter Mini Pre-Rolls, and infused Jeeter Juice Vape Cartridges are available on Emjay with fast and free shipping! These products are a great way to try new strains and get high.

When it comes to a good, old-fashioned smoke, there’s no denying that Jeeter is the leader in the weed industry. They produce the highest quality infused, flower, and distillate products on the market. They are known for their hefty potency, as well as their delicious flavors and smells.

The XL Jeeter combines the best of both worlds, combining indoor-grown, top-shelf flowers with distillate and kief for an incredible hit every time you light it up! This XL Jeeter Blunt features 2 grams of premium, OG-grade indoor flower rolled in a hemp blunt wrap with a glass tip.

With the highest THC content of all Jeeter products, XL Jeeter Blunts have a total THC count of 40.3%!

It’s no secret that the XL Jeeter Blunt has a huge amount of power, which is why it’s so popular among everyday smokers. It’s the perfect choice for those who want something with a bang. It will last you about 25-30 minutes if you’re smoking alone, and it’s a great product to use if you’re looking for something with lasting effect.

The infused options are also popular and contain cannabis oils, kief, and a combination of terpenes and THC for even more potency. In addition to their infused pre-rolls, Jeeter also makes some of the most delicious liquid diamond vape cartridges in the industry. This line is infused with the finest cannabis oil, terpenes, and THC for maximum impact.

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