Rather than waiting for the kettle to boil or having to keep refilling the boiler, an Instant boiling water tap can provide boiling hot water on demand. The tap connects to a compact tank fitted underneath the sink and is linked directly to your mains water supply. This allows the water temperature to remain consistent and boiling hot water is dispensed at the touch of a button.

There are several different options available depending on your requirements and budget. These include a single tap that offers cold, filtered and boiling water or a 3-in-1 tap that offers hot and cold mains water and boiled/chilled or filtered drinking water. For a more sophisticated design the Quooker Fusion is available which can dispense up to 100 cups of boiling water an hour.

These taps also save energy by dispensing only the amount of water required for your drinks – no overfilling or wasted water and they can help reduce your electricity bills. They can also be used to make hot water for cooking and cleaning. Some taps come with built-in filters to reduce limescale and some even have an LED display that lights up to let you know when it’s time to change the filter cartridge.

It’s important to remember that these types of taps are designed to dispense boiling water so they can be dangerous for children and should be installed in a child-safe location away from a hot surface like your worktops or the back of a cooker. Thankfully, most manufacturers are aware of the safety concerns and all modern designs are typically fitted with a safety lock or dual-step process to dispense hot water to prevent accidents.

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