If you’re looking for hydraulic hose manufacturers that can supply you with quality, reliable, versatile products, you’ve come to the right place. These industry giants are setting the standards and providing solutions for a broad range of applications, including powering machinery, conveying fluids, lifting, lowering, and transferring materials. They provide top-notch industrial hoses, hydraulic accessories, industrial rubber hoses, PVC hoses, air hoses and conveyor rollers to OEMs, end users and distributors across dozens of industries in the U.S. and abroad.

Parker Hannifin: This company is the global leader in design, development and manufacturing of rigid and flexible hoses and assemblies, fittings and crimping technology for both hydraulic and industrial applications. Parker has a strong commitment to innovation, high quality manufacturing standards and customer service. They also have a robust distribution network, making it convenient for customers to purchase the hoses and components they need quickly and easily.

Eaton: This multinational manufacturer of power management equipment is a well-known name in the hydraulics industry. Their products meet SAE 100R specifications and are suited for use in a variety of applications, including industrial hydraulics, mobile equipment and oil and gas. Their extensive range of adapters and fittings help to ensure leak-free connections.

Semperit: This Austrian-based company is one of the largest industrial hose manufacturers in Europe. They have a long history of experience and a focus on innovation. Their product offerings are designed to meet the demands of different markets and application requirements, from low- and medium-pressure industrial hoses to mining wear protection systems. hydraulic hose manufacturers

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