Apple is unveiling an iPhone safe driving mode that will automatically silence notifications and send auto-replies to contacts that they are on the road, which campaigners hope will help curb distracted driving deaths. Campaigners suggest other manufacturers such as Samsung, Google and Microsoft implement similar features to combat deadly distracted driving epidemic. Drivers who manually activate blocker would likely welcome having it activate automatically as most have compatible iPhones that could benefit.

1. Go to Settings

Apple is responding to an estimated 11 million drivers who admit using their phones while driving with an app designed to reduce phone distraction while on the road. When activated in your car, its latest iOS software automatically disables push notifications and sends auto-replies telling contacts you’re on the road – campaigners want other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Google and Microsoft to offer similar features in an attempt to curb distracted driving epidemic.

The iPhone already comes equipped with a Do Not Disturb feature that can be activated through its settings menu and works seamlessly with Apple CarPlay-enabled vehicles. It works to muffle incoming calls and alerts, automatically activating when your device connects wirelessly to headset or stereo system in car, as well as scheduling times when Do Not Disturb should not be active and making exceptions for specific contacts – however it does not block outgoing calls/texts; for this purpose there are third-party apps like DriveMode which exists for Android which do so this function does this function instead.

2. Turn Off Bluetooth

Disturbing phone use while driving has long been an issue for drivers, yet according to a national survey conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety only about one fifth of iPhone 6 and newer owners have the Do Not Disturb While Driving feature activated to automatically muffle calls, notifications, auto-replies while they’re on the road. In addition, Apple CarPlay or Bluetooth systems allow hands-free Siri voice control as well as basic music app control when connected through this feature.

Apple’s forthcoming iOS 11 software, due for release this fall, will enable iPhones to detect when their user is driving and automatically silence notifications such as text messages, emails or social media posts that come through while the phone is moving quickly enough to qualify as driving. Furthermore, this technology company plans to silence screen and prevent unauthorized apps from opening when on the move; additionally they plan to send automatic replies back when someone tries calling or texting while driving; additionally campaigners hope other manufacturers of Android and Microsoft phones follow suit as part of an initiative against distracted driving epidemic.

3. Turn Off Location Services

In this mode, your phone’s location services are temporarily disabled so that it cannot detect or send data about its current position to Apple. You will still be able to make hands-free calls and use Siri voice assistant, receive notifications from contacts in your safe driving list as well as auto-replies for text messages sent during this mode and continue receiving auto-replies for text messages sent during driving sessions.

Safety Driving Mode can help to combat distracted driving on the road and also lowers the risk of your phone being used by others for tracking purposes. By activating it manually before each drive, this feature can allow hands-free use while travelling in passenger mode or when connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to the infotainment system of a car – two key benefits.

Survey respondents who manually engaged the safe driving mode on their iPhone reported no irritation with the feature and said they’d consider setting it to automatically activate when asked again. About 40 percent in this group stated they’d consider testing out Do Not Disturb while driving if set to activate automatically whenever their phone connected with their vehicle’s infotainment system.

4. Turn Off Auto-Reply

iPhone will detect when its user is driving and silence all notifications while darkening its screen, and automatically responds with an automated response telling Favourites contacts that the phone owner is currently driving and will contact them as soon as they arrive at their destination.

iOS 11’s Do Not Disturb While Driving feature will build on existing ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode that users can turn on or off manually. In addition to Siri voice control and hands-free calls via Bluetooth connectivity, this new iOS feature should also offer Siri voice control as well as hands-free calling using Bluetooth connectivity. Although third-party applications such as iDrive already provide similar services, Apple’s OS solution should provide more reliable results.

Most drivers with compatible iPhones who employed Apple’s auto-engagement blocker did not find it frustrating or annoying; nearly half who used its manual version were willing to revisit its settings so it activated automatically if Apple prompted them.

Distracted driving remains one of the primary causes of traffic accidents despite best efforts from smartphone manufacturers and apps; an estimated eight people die and 1,161 are injured each day due to accidents involving distracted drivers. Campaigners have called upon tech firms that produce Samsung, Android and Microsoft phones to install similar blocking features to combat this “epidemic”. For instance a built-in drive mode could prevent drivers from calling, sending texts or posting to social media while using them while behind the wheel.

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