With this update to Grounded, we’re introducing the ability to tame pets. This major content drop for the game is available across all platforms today! Here’s how: once tamed, release it so you can take it home with you – good luck!

Bring the Pet to the Yard

Make your yard and grounds a safe haven for pets with today’s range of options from basic doggie doors to high-tech electronic gates that open only when your pet approaches them. It also helps if the area is one they enjoy, like a sandbox or special digging area covered with mulch. If your pup is into detective work, try hiding some snacks or toys there so they can explore when bored and needing extra stimulation. Ultimately, having an contented pet living at home makes everyone happier!

Wait for the Pet to come to you

Once a pet has been tamed in Ground, it usually follows you when entering a teleporter or Glider. However, occasionally this won’t be the case and you must locate it on an area map where it was last seen. For instance, if you tamed a weevil but are currently at an ashfall, no automatic follower will appear and searching your map for it may prove tedious. Sadly, this was one of the coolest features of Ground! Hopefully they resolve this issue soon but until then it may be best to just step away and wait for your furry friend to come to you.

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