A wpm test measures how many words you can type in a minute. It is a common typing test used in employment processes and by people who want to improve their speed and accuracy. There are several online wpm tests, but it is important to find one that uses real text and does not force you to correct mistakes.

Usually, you will be given a passage of text to work with and a time limit to complete it within. Depending on the test, your score may also include a number of errors made in that period.

If you’re a beginner, try taking this test using the Easy typing mode. This mode will help you practice the correct technique and increase your typing speed. If you’re an advanced typist, try the Hard typing mode. This mode will help you increase your typing speed by avoiding the errors you might have made in the past.

Another useful tool to measure your typing speed is CPM (characters per minute) instead of the more standard WPM. This is because CPM accounts for all the characters you have typed, including those that were incorrect. If you fail to fix any errors, the test will give you a penalty which lowers your CPM and ultimately your WPM.

Most professional typists have a WPM of 50 and above. A legal secretary should be able to type around 50-60 WPM, and transcription professionals need to have a speed of 60-75. wpm test

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