Dubai is a popular layover destination as travelers often find themselves at the city airport for hours to catch their connecting flight. If you ever find yourself in Dubai for around 24 hours,Guest Posting take this opportunity to go sightseeing. Of course, one day is not enough to cover all the amazing attractions of the city. However, it is a good time span to check out some of the major landmarks and attractions of the city. Dubai is well connected with metros, buses and cabs, so travelling from one place to another would not be a problem. Once you have the right visa to visit Dubai, here is how you can spend 24 hours in this glamorous city.

Morning: Burj Khalifa Observation Deck

It makes a lot of sense to start your short trip in Dubai from the tallest building in the world. Located in Downtown Dubai, Burj Khalifa has 162 floors and is filled with luxury hotels, residential flats and fine dining restaurants. The best way to enter the building is buying tickets to the observation deck either on the 124th floor or the 148th floor. The observation decks offer a 360o view of the entire city. If you are brave enough, you can step out into the open balcony and check out the view of the city. There is also a telescope through which you can check out the major landmarks of the city closely. The entire tour lasts for one hour during which you get to visit the museum that showcases the growth of Dubai as well as Burj Khalifa.

Mid-Morning: Dubai Mall

After the visit to Burj Khalifa, spend a few hours at the Dubai Mall, the largest mall in the world. While you may not be too interested in shopping in such a short period, there are plenty of interesting things to do here. The one thing you must definitely check out here is the Dubai Mall Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Comprising a variety of marine species and an array of exciting activities (shark diving, glass bottom boat ride, cage diving, etc. to name a few), the aquarium is loved by people of all ages. Apart from the aquarium, the mall has 1200 retail stores, an ice rink, a virtual reality (VR park) theme park and a multiplex theatre. It also has a huge food court, where you can have your lunch before heading to your next destination

Afternoon: Dubai Museum and Bastakiya Quarter

There is no doubt that Dubai is a modern city that oozes opulence. However, there is much more to the city than all the glitz and glamour you see. To know more about the history and the humble beginnings of the city, head to the old part of the city, i.e., the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood. Two of the most significant spots of old Dubai are the Dubai Museum and the Bastakiya Quarter. The Dubai Museum is located inside the Al Fahidi Fort and gives you a glimpse of the life of the Arabs before the oil boom. You can check out the attire, occupation and houses of the yesteryears. Similarly, Bastakiya Quarter would take you through narrow lanes with unique sandstone houses complete with wind towers. Built by Persian Merchants, many of these houses have been converted into museums, hotels and restaurants. The best way of exploring the place is on foot. اقامة مستثمر في دبي

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