Creating an Instagram Repost is easy if you use the right tools. These tools include iGram, Regrammer and Buffer. They can help you make your photos look better and stand out from the rest.

Screengrab method

Taking a screengrab of a photo or video to repost on Instagram is one of the easiest methods to use. However, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, be sure to ask permission from the original poster. You also want to give them credit for the post. This will help you gain followers, too.

Screengrabs can be cropped to your desired size, although cropping will affect the image quality. You can also upload a screenshot to a Story, though you may have to do simple editing. Lastly, you can link to another Instagram account to gain followers.

There are also apps that can help you repost photos on Instagram. These apps can copy the picture and caption from the original post, or they can add additional features. AiSchedul is a free app that allows you to schedule your reposts. However, it’s important to test out a few different apps before committing to a regramming service.

If you want to repost on Instagram, be sure to tag the original poster in the caption. You’ll also want to mention their username in the caption. This will help you gain followers and get credit for the post. However, you can also regram photos on your own. There are several apps that allow you to do this, and a few other web services.


Using a third-party app is the best way to repost on Instagram. You can either copy the link of the Instagram post and paste it in the app or use Regrammer to automatically post the reposted content to your Instagram account. You can also download and share videos and photos with Regrammer. It is a free app and can be used by iOS and Android users.

Regramming on Instagram is similar to posting content on other social media platforms. You need to choose the photo or video you want to repost, add a caption, and then post it on your account. It’s important to include your username in the caption so you can be properly credited.

Regramming on Instagram is becoming easier with the introduction of Stories. You can also use a third-party app like Repost for Instagram to repost Instagram videos and photos. But be careful: these apps are not affiliated with Instagram. If you repost content without permission, you may violate intellectual property rights. So you should always ask permission from the creator of the content before posting it.

Another free app is Regarmmer. It allows you to repost posts without having to sign in to Instagram. But you must give permission to access your photos. And you also have to give permission to receive notifications.

Regrammer is a third-party app, so it’s not available in all countries. But it’s easy to use. The app does not add a watermark to the photos and videos you regram.

The app allows you to save the image to your phone’s storage. It can also be used to regram posts found with monitored hashtags. It can also help you track the performance of regrammed posts.

Buffer for Instagram

Using Buffer to repost on Instagram is a great way to get your content noticed. It is a free service that helps you schedule your posts on Instagram and many other social media channels.

With a paid subscription, you can schedule posts on up to eight social media channels. Buffer’s paid service starts at $15 per month. The paid plan includes analytics. The analytics feature is very useful for social media strategists, but it can cost more than $50 per month.

Buffer also offers a free plan that lets you post to three social media channels. The free plan includes limited features, though.

Buffer offers a simple, clean interface. You can add photos to your queue, schedule your posts, and manage hashtags. There are also several recommendations to help you improve your social media presence.

Reposting on Instagram using Buffer is easy and quick. You can save images to your system, upload images from your system, or copy and paste the original image. You can also use the embed feature to add your own caption to the post.

As long as you have permission to repost, you can get your content noticed. You’ll want to credit the original poster of the picture, however. In addition, you’ll want to use the embed feature to add your own caption and credit the original source.


Using iGram to repost on Instagram can be a convenient way to save and share images. This online tool allows you to download Instagram content in a matter of minutes. Whether you’re interested in re-sharing a post from a friend, or a photo from a brand’s feed, iGram can help.

iGram works on desktops and mobile devices, and has a simple copy-paste method for downloading. It supports downloads of individual stories, individual photos, and videos from carousels. You can also download videos from Instagram’s IGTV channel.

To repost on Instagram using iGram, you’ll first need to find the content you want to repost. Then, you’ll copy the share URL from the Instagram post, and paste it into iGram. You’ll also need to make sure you have permission to repost the content. You can also add someone to the caption to give credit to the original poster.

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