As a marketing video, your explainer should have a clear call to action at the end (which might be to watch another video, subscribe to a newsletter, sign up for a free trial or just visit your website). This is important, because most viewers won’t stick around for a boring video.

The best explanation videos keep their length short, the quality high and the solution simple to understand. This way they’re able to capture the attention of their audience and drive business growth.

Choosing the right style for your video depends on how you want to communicate with your audience, what tone and visuals are in line with your brand’s culture and what’s most effective for your business model. It can be a reassuringly professional approach or something that showcases creativity and even a sense of humor.

After you have your visual and audio assets gathered, it’s time to edit the video. This step—also known as post-production—is the final stage that combines all elements of your video and gives it its polished finish.

The editing process also includes adding music and sound effects, which helps you to set the right mood and keep your video engaging. There are a number of platforms that provide music and sound effects—youTube, Audacity, Free Sound and MusOpen to name a few—but it’s important to use only licensed audio to avoid any copyright issues. You’ll also need to incorporate any text elements that appear in the video, such as your company’s logo and contact details. erklärvideo

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