Have you noticed your partner always wanting to go their own way or putting their needs ahead of yours? Do they cancel plans or never follow through on promises? Do they take sex whenever they feel like it, regardless of your needs? If this is the case, you might be in a selfish relationship.

A selfish person often ignores your feelings and instead prioritizes their own desires, which can lead to an imbalanced sexual relationship and unsatisfying emotions. They may also dismiss your concerns and belittle your goals, leaving you feeling undervalued and disconnected from the relationship.

Selfish partners also have a hard time communicating effectively. They may avoid conflict or shut down conversations, making it difficult to discuss issues in a healthy way. They may also lack empathy and be unwilling to see things from your vantage point, which can make it challenging to express yourself effectively.

Lastly, selfish people are often jealous of their partner’s time, attention, or even success. They may even act aggressively towards them to keep you from taking your attention away from them.

Often, selfish behavior is rooted in childhood experiences and is unconscious to the individual. However, it is still important to recognize and address the problem so that you can improve the relationship. Try bringing up the issue in a respectful, calm way by using “I” statements and emphasizing how their behavior negatively impacts you. This will help them see the need to change their behavior. How To Love A Selfish Partner

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