The whole process of packaging and moving your belongings to a new place can be stressful. Most people are apprehensive of entrusting their precious possessions to moving companies. You may have heard of horror stories from family members and friends who had a bad experience after choosing disreputable movers. If you make a wrong choice, you may lose your valuable time and money.

If someone you know has had a good experience, it best to get their assistance in finding a good moving company. Plan ahead and do adequate research to have a happy experience with the movers of your choice.

So how do you experience better service from a moving company?

  • Find professional movers who have been in business for a few years. You can call real estate agents to find the best moving companies in your area. Ask for references from family and friends, as it is the easiest way to find them.
  • Set appointments so that they can come to your home to give you an accurate estimate. It is advisable to avoid companies that are not willing to come to your home for an appointment and estimate. The accuracy of estimates over the phone cannot be relied upon.
  • Make a checklist of services that you require. Wide ranges of services are offered by companies and these include packing, unpacking and storage. You can also ask for additional services like cleaning your new home and arranging all household items. Choose a company that meets your specific requirements.
  • Get an accurate quote in writing after clearly specifying the kind of services that you may be requiring. Do not hide anything and do not make any last minute changes to your requirements. If there is a change of plan or you require additional services, it is advisable to inform the moving company in advance.
  • Choose a moving company at least 3 – 4 weeks before the actual date of moving. Do not leave this for long, as you may not be able to find reputed movers. Professional movers are usually booked in advance and you may be left with little choice.
  • Choosing an estimated moving day in advance is important. Moving companies are usually booked at the end of the month and on weekends. If you choose to hire them during this period, you may have to pay more. However there are some quiet days and hiring during such days may help you get a discount.
  • Determine if the moving company that you are planning to hire, will be doing the work on their own or will they sub-contract the work. You can also find out if they have their own equipment and storage facility. moving companies tulsa ok
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