Playlists are a convenient way to save a collection of videos. Whether we want to create an ambient noise soundtrack to relax or collect our favorite TED and motivational talks, youtube playlist allows us to keep all of our favorites in one place. In addition, a youtube playlist can be shared on social media to help others discover new content.

YouTube playlists can be used for personal, business or brand purposes and are a great way to increase engagement on your channel. When you have a well organized and informative playlist people will be more likely to watch the videos that it contains. They will also be more likely to share your playlists with others.

To create a youtube playlist first login to your account and click on the Library link on the left hand side of your account page. Once you’ve clicked on this you will be brought to a list of all of the videos that you have uploaded to YouTube. From here you can select the button that says “Create a playlist” to begin creating your youtube playlist.

After clicking on create a playlist you will be taken to the edit screen where you can add a title to your playlist and a description. You can also select a video to use as the playlist thumbnail and set the playlist privacy settings. You can select to make the playlist public (everyone on YouTube will be able to find it), private or unlisted. Once you’ve selected a privacy setting click on Save and then Done.

When you’re editing a playlist you will notice that you can drag and drop videos to move them up or down the list. You can also change the order of videos by selecting the three dots menu next to each video and then clicking on Move up or Move down. You can also select the option to change the thumbnail for your playlist by selecting the image that appears in the top right corner of the edit screen.

Once you have completed your youtube playlist it is important that you optimize it for search. This can be done by ensuring that the title and description accurately describe the contents of the playlist. It is also important to include keywords that are relevant to the theme of your playlist. YouTube allows you to add up to 5000 characters in the description but these descriptions get shortened in search results so it is important to front load them with relevant keywords.

It is also important to keep the number of videos in your youtube playlist limited. This will help your rankings in search as Google takes into consideration the number of videos on a page when determining ranking. Also remember to link your youtube playlists with your website and social media accounts as this will increase your reach and traffic.

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