Whether you need virtual receptionists for after-hours calls or weekend help, a live answering service can save your company money, provide your callers with a reliable first contact experience, and make sure your voice is heard even when you aren’t around. But not all answering services are created equal, so you need to find a virtual receptionist provider that will give your business the best results.

The answer: one that has industry and customer niche expertise. A good answering service will have years of experience in your specific business, so agents can understand your lingo and address your callers’ needs quickly. Look for a company with low operator turnover and a track record of providing great results to clients.

Answering service is often used by law firms and other professional services offices, dental and doctor’s offices, real estate agencies, construction companies, IT service providers, marketing agencies, and other businesses that rely on their teams to handle customer phone calls in-house. Callers to these types of businesses are often frustrated by multiple transfer errors, unanswered calls, and general inability to get through to someone — all problems that can be minimized or eliminated with an answering service.

When choosing an answering service, check with the Association of Teleservices International for a list of member companies. Also, ask for references from current and former customers to see what their experience has been like. Look for a service with flexible pricing to suit your needs, and pay special attention to how the answering service safeguards your business against common errors such as unanswered calls and transfer mistakes. answering service

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