A motivational speaker inspires and motivates their audiences in a way that they leave the event with self-motivation to change their own lives. They can help boost productivity, amplify sales or encourage employees to be happier in the workplace. They often combine business principles, real life examples and memorable stories to achieve their goals.

To become a motivational speaker, you should have an authentic style that resonates with your audience. It can be difficult to find your own unique style, but you can start by learning different speaking techniques and finding the one that matches your personality and strengths.

The type of events and audience that you speak to will also affect the style of speech. For example, an open free event with a broad audience will require a completely different approach to a high-priced seminar with a small group of managers.

It’s important to have effective communication skills and master public speaking techniques to be a successful motivational speaker. It is also essential to stay relevant and engaged by staying informed of societal shifts, current events and emerging topics that impact your audience.

You should also spend time reading and studying speeches from other motivational speakers. Study the content, delivery and tone of their voice to learn the elements that are most compelling and engaging. Try to identify what is motivating about the speech and what could be improved. The more you know about the science of motivation, the better you’ll be able to craft your own meaningful message.

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