Fire damage is a serious and often complex issue to deal with. It’s not just about dealing with the visible damage, but tackling the lingering odours and a range of other problems that can arise.

The restoration process begins as soon as the emergency services declare your property safe. An assessment of the damage is carried out, determining what work will be needed to restore your home or commercial premises. This helps to gauge the fire cleaning cost and estimated time frame.

Soot is an acidic byproduct of fire, it will corrode surfaces over time and if left untreated may leave permanent damage to floors, walls and furniture. It also stains and discolours carpeting and furniture. Water damage is also common as a result of the fire service using large quantities of water to put out the fire, as well as water that may have leaked from broken pipes.

Smoke odours can linger for a long time after the fire, making properties unpleasant to live or work in. SafeGroup can carry out thermal fogging in affected areas, filling rooms with a non-toxic chemical vapour that neutralises odours and leaves a fresh smell in the space.

It’s important that any fire decontamination works are carried out by a specialist, as cutting corners and trying to decorate over soot and smoke marks can lead to a host of problems including further staining, mould build up and lingering odours. Our team of trained fire restoration professionals are highly experienced in all aspects of fire and smoke cleaning and can return your property to a pre-incident condition. fire damage cleaning london

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