In the context of a thriving economy, Ireland’s labour market has demonstrated robust growth in recent years. Despite the country’s low unemployment rate, a number of sectors still face skill shortages. As such, businesses of all sizes are turning to recruitment agencies for assistance with their talent acquisition needs. Whether sourcing candidates for permanent positions or filling temporary roles, Irish recruiters can offer local expertise, distinctive candidate pools, and deep cultural insight.

After reviewing resumes and applications, recruiters screen candidates to identify applicants whose qualifications closely align with the job description. This screening often includes conducting reference checks. Once shortlisted, candidates participate in interviews with hiring managers or key decision-makers to evaluate their higher-level skills, strategic thinking, and alignment with the company’s culture. Once a hire has been selected, both parties engage in negotiations regarding salary, benefits, and other terms of employment.

With millennials and Gen Z in the workforce, more companies are seeking to hire employees with flexible work schedules and opportunities for career advancement. As such, choosing an agency with a track record of success placing candidates in similar positions is crucial.

Using an Employer of Record (EOR) can help your business minimize the cost of international hiring. This service acts as the legal employer of an employee, handling all tax-related matters including statutory payments like income taxes, social security contributions, and vacation time. An EOR can also automatically localize and distribute employment contracts for new hires, simplifying the onboarding process while ensuring compliance with local labor laws. Employer Recruitment Services Ireland

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