With the push of a lever, instant hot water taps dispense filtered boiling water for tea, cooking or cleaning. These are the latest kitchen must-haves and come with inbuilt child safety mechanisms.

These taps use a catch that has to be depressed before the handle can be turned – meaning kids can’t turn it off by accident. The taps are also heavily insulated so the metal is not hot to touch.

Save time

Boiling water taps make preparing meals faster by providing instant boiling hot water. Whether you need it to boil rice, pasta or steam vegetables, it’s just a press of a button away.

It can also help you clean up the kitchen quicker – the steaming hot water is ideal for soaking stubborn pans, and boiling up dishes to remove stuck-on food. Plus, when you’re making hot drinks, it means you’re not hanging around waiting for the kettle to boil – so you can get your cuppa in record time.

What’s more, many models offer regular hot and cold water too, so you can fit a tap in the place of your current standard tap (and save on installation costs). Some of our models are fitted with a child-safety feature that locks the tap when activated, to prevent accidental scalding.

There are even premium options that can automatically dispense the perfect cup of tea or coffee every time. They use a unique technology called Smart Boiling Control to monitor water temperature and ensure it is always ready to deliver the exact temperature you’re after. Plus, it’s a great way to avoid unnecessary energy consumption by only dispensing the amount of water you actually need. You can choose between a manual or pumped system, with the latter using a software-controlled process to ensure water isn’t delivered until it’s reached the required temperature.

Save money

A hot tap dispenses steaming boiling water at the touch of a button, eliminating the need to boil kettles. Often, these taps work by taking water from your property’s mains supply and heating it with an electrical element within a heavily insulated storage tank. This means the water dispensed is usually only slightly above boiling temperature, so no burning coffee beans or scalding skin are to be feared.

Instant boiling taps are generally cheaper than using a kettle to boil water. Quooker say their taps use three pence per day to maintain their boiling point, whereas it can take approximately five pounds per week to boil a standard kettle full of water.

These taps are usually installed in place of your existing kitchen taps, making them an easy and seamless upgrade for any home. Most have a sleek and modern design and sit in your sink like any other tap, so they’re easy to integrate into your kitchen.

Many models can also dispense filtered cold water, eliminating the need for separate filtering appliances that can take up valuable fridge space. Some even have a touch control that dispenses both filtered and unfiltered cold water, offering maximum flexibility and convenience. This can help to reduce your household energy usage, which in turn can help to save you money on your electricity bill.

Save space

Boiling water taps operate using an electric hot water tank that plugs directly into a power socket and is connected to your water supply. The tank heats the water and stores it until it’s needed, so it’s ready for instant delivery at the flick of a switch. This means there’s no need to wait for the kettle to boil or re-boil, so you can get on with your day as quickly as possible.

The hot water taps also operate more efficiently than a kettle, as there’s minimal loss of energy from boiling water having to travel long distances. This means you’ll save electricity and money in the long run.

It’s also a great kitchen solution for families, as it eliminates the need to boil multiple kettles when entertaining guests. Instead, you can simply pour boiling water straight into pans for quick cooking or add to drinks like tea and coffee. This also helps to free up your worktops for a more streamlined kitchen.

Blanco’s smart drink systems also offer ambient and chilled water options, so one tap does it all – dispensing filtered boiling, cold or warm water at the touch of a button. Plus, they’re designed with child safety features to make sure that little ones don’t accidentally turn the taps on or leave the tap running unnecessarily.

Safer to use

In most cases boiled water is safe to drink because bacteria, viruses, and parasites cannot survive in water heated above 100° Celsius. However, boiling your tap water does not eliminate the hundreds of contaminants found in drinking water including heavy metals, chemicals, and dissolved solids that can make your water dangerous to drink.

This is because they corrode pipes over time, leaching into your freshwater supply. In addition, hot water dissolves metals such as lead and zinc faster than cold water, causing them to become more concentrated in your freshly boiled water.

Boiling water taps use a sophisticated system to heat only the amount of water you need – so there’s no wasted energy. Billi’s unique heat-exchange technology uses change of state to preheat the water, and then only pumps piping hot boiled water through a separate channel that is insulated from the main tap body.

This keeps the outside of your tap body and the water spout cool to the touch, making it safer for young children or elderly people in the home with thin skin. The hot water tap also features a childproof operation that requires a double-push and turn motion or an integrated safety lock, ensuring that young children cannot operate the hot tap and burn themselves. This is a crucial feature in any family kitchen where children or elderly people can access the hot water tap without help.

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