The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and usually takes less than an hour. It is painless and completely safe as it does not cause any side effects. The transplanted hair will grow after 8-12 months and you will be able to have full dense natural looking hair.

Our international patient coordinator will help you with everything from your initial consultation to the day of the operation. She will book you for the appointment with our expert doctor, arrange your accommodation and transportation to and from Cyprus. She will also ensure that all your post-operative care is organised for you.

A comprehensive quotation will be provided to you after your evaluation is completed, taking into account the method (FUE or DHI), the number of grafts and any additional services that you may need such as PRP treatment. Prices in Turkeya tend to be more cost-effective than those of other countries due to lower operational and labour costs.

It is important that you choose a clinic with a good reputation, experience and accreditations. Make sure to check the doctors’ CV and references, and look for their memberships in reputable organisations such as ISHRS and ESHRS. The surgeon should also have a portfolio that shows previous patients’ results. If you see that the price of a particular clinic is significantly cheaper than other clinics, this could be a red flag and indicate that corners have been cut. This may result in a subpar result or even medical negligence. hair transplant north cyprus

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