Laughter is one of the best ways to reduce stress and make life’s challenges more manageable. A shared sense of humor is a major component of long-lasting, loving friendships. Funny quotes are a great way to let your loved ones know how much you care and bring a smile to their faces. Share these funny quotes in birthday cards, as captions for a photo book or to add a silly touch to a graduation gift.

What makes things funny is the same thing that gives stand-up comedians and writers for books and movies their comedic material: timing. There are two kinds of comedy timing: comedic repetition and suspense. Repetition is a key element of the ‘knock-knock’ joke and also in the classic ‘Who’s there?’ gag. The more you say ‘knock-knock’ the funnier it becomes, and adding suspense heightens the humor.

Characters in comedy often have a shtick, which means that they have catchphrases, tics and quirks that make them unique and recognizable. This includes Elmer Fudd’s inability to pronounce ‘r,’ Diane Morgan’s ‘cunk on earth’ narrating of history, or Douglas Adams’ aliens’ poetic torture of humans. These character quirks supply a wide range of funny scenarios to write about.

Sometimes the best way to tell a joke is not to make it about someone else, but rather, to poke fun at yourself. This form of humor, known as self-deprecating humor, can be very funny and does not bruise anyone’s egos (except your own). Humor writers like to use this tactic to keep their readers interested in their work. funny quotes

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