Full height shutters offer the ultimate window dressing solution. They are a versatile, stylish and modern addition to any interior design scheme. With a range of practical benefits they provide more control over light than blinds or curtains and can help with privacy from their tilting slats. This installation in Wickham showcases just how effective these shutters can be within a home, solving the conundrum of how to dress a tall window on a stair landing.

High quality, bespoke made to measure industrial roller shutters up to 8m x 8m. Insulated and single or double skin options available with a choice of electric, remote control or manual operation. Galvanised steel finish as standard or powder coated to any RAL colour. Options for ground loops, motion sensors and fire system integration.

Crafted from high-grade ABS, Java shutters are easy to clean and will not absorb moisture like fabric blinds. This makes them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens and wetrooms, where humidity can cause problems with other types of window furnishings. They are also a friendlier option for those suffering from allergies as they will not retain unpleasant odours like fabrics can do. Shutters gateshead

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