Flagge online is a free, easy-to-use application that allows users to easily attribute a flag they have seen somewhere. Users simply have to select certain characteristics of the flag that they are looking for (pattern, color, shape or symbol). The app will then guide them through the process and help to identify it.

You can use the flag to mark photos as picks or rejects. Then, you can filter photos based on the flag status in the Grid and Filmstrip views and in the Library Filter bar. You can also create a custom flag status to use as an attribute for importing or searching. For more information, see Flags (Vexillology).

In the Tasks App, you can flag items so that they are marked as complete. To do this, right-click an item and then choose “Flag complete.” You can also click the flag icon that appears in a task to mark it as completed. If you’ve flagged an item because it was a response to a parking, toll speed camera or red-light camera violation, you must pay the MVA’s additional administrative fee before the item is deleted from your record.

You can flag messages for yourself so that you can remember to follow up on them later or track your responses to others. When you flag a message, it appears in your Flags list and is sorted by the date you flagged it. You can search for flagged messages by using the Search All Folders dialog box or searching for a particular item in a multiline view or single-line view. In the Reading pane, a flagged message has a green circle with a flag and a start or due date. If you flag a response from someone else, the item is added to their for follow-up folder and displayed in the search results with the same criteria.

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