About Explosion-Proof Valve Actuator
An explosion proof actuator helps you realize industrial automation in the areas that are exposed to dangerous gas and dust. They can be used with a wide range of valves and help ensure the safety of the project in dangerous environments. They contain special circuits that minimize the chances of spark or thermal effects that could cause an explosion. In simpler terms, they’re the James Bond of actuators – cool under pressure and extremely discreet.

Electric explosion proof actuators are typically used in applications that require a process fluid that’s flammable or volatile. These include oil/gas and chemical/pharma industries that handle combustible substances. They’re rated for hazardous environments and can run on either AC or DC power. Some also come with fail-safe mechanisms that reset to a safe position when the system is shut down or loses power.

The rotary explosion proof electric actuators in our product line are certified for hazardous environments, including Ex zones 1, 2, 21 & 22 (gas atmospheres, vapours and mists, and combustible dust atmospheres). Their flameproof housings seal off the internal electronics from external explosive environments. Additionally, conduit seals prevent sparks from igniting the external environment.

‘Max’ explosion proof actuators feature ON-OFF, 3-position and proportional control modes. They’re ideal for quarter turn ball, butterfly and damper valves. They have a high starting torque and can be operated with a variety of supplies, ranging from 24 – 240VAC/DC. Their opening and closing times may be selected on-board, as well as the stroke length. Linear ‘Run’ actuators are designed for automation of globe and 3-way valves. They offer a range of opening and closing time settings and can operate in temperatures up to T6. Explosion-Proof Valve Actuator

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